Divide and Conquer: a Collaborative approach to non-disruptive enterprise-wide Reporting

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When disclosure management processes fail, the consequences aren’t just contained in a single report or a single department within the company. They reverberate into the entire system, compromising confidence in technology, Finance, executives and eventually, the entire company.

Dealing with multiple data sources, fragmented processes, versioning overlap, manual updates, mistaken numbers. Failures of the process inevitably result in flawed reports and it also affects the team who should learn how to deal with multiple contributors, how to ensure data consistency of multiple reports, how not to be afraid when a single number changes, how to meet deadlines while following long approval processes, how to deal with multiple systems to create reports, how to be effective.

Join this webinar and learn about common mistakes by your peers during the reporting process and how to achieve a non-disruptive enterprise-wide reporting solution through a Collaborative approach.

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