Do you understand the real cash impact of a change in same store sales?

This is why they are choosing Tagetik 4. Employing the product’s unified approach, retail executives have a powerful tool to monitor, measure and manage business performance, then take action to execute on strategy at the corporate level and at the store level. With Tagetik 4, Retail companies can:


  • Budgeting at strategic, corporate and store levels in a single application
  • Performance of stores, suppliers, customers in one place
  • Profitability and cash impact of stock-outs, inventory turns, sell-thru, and markdowns
  • Financial impact of new store openings, same store performance, and
    promotional scenarios
  • Income statements and real estate contracts (rental, leasing, property taxes,  fees)
  • Full P&L, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow by store, region, product, or category
  • Allocation of costs to stores based on a variety of drivers including sq. ft., % of sales,
    product mix or virtually any other relevant driver
  • All management reporting books, annual reports, and quarterly filings directly from
    the financial system of record


  • Overhead costs and fix margins
  • Logistics and service costs on points of sale based on specific drivers
  • Off-invoice contracts (grants and promotions) and assess their impact on margin
    for a single point of sale or department


  • Organizational and marketing units
  • Volumes and margins by category using a combined top-down and bottom-up approach
  • Investment projects (new stores, renovations, IT projects) and assess their impact
    on profitability, bottom line and cash flow
  • Personnel (hours, FTE, overtime, long-term replacements) and calculate personnel costs
    by store, department or employee

Tagetik 4 is built the way your business works. As part of our strategic partnership with Microsoft
and SAP, we’ve recently added sophisticated industry-specific functionality to Tagetik 4 for Business
Intelligence (BI), Financial Analytics, Collaboration and Communication. Learn More...

Retail leaders who have selected Tagetik

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Case Study: Cisalfa

Closing, Profitability Analysis, Budgeting, Planning, Reporting, HR Cost Management

Case Study

Case Study: Würth

Statutory Consolidated Financial Statements, Statutory Reporting


Customer Quote: Cisalfa

"We are very impressed with how Tagetik's consultants were able to customize the software application...

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