What if you could instantly see the P&L and cash impact of changes to your production plan?



What makes Tagetik Corporate Performance Management software solution so effective for
manufacturers? It integrates financial planning and budgeting with cash flow forecasting, Balance
Sheet Planning, Sales & Operations Planning and trade promotion planning.  Powerful modeling is
built-in to the software, including double entry financial logic, multiple calendars, and bill of materials.


The Tagetik Corporate Performance Management software solution relational architecture means that manufacturing processes:

  • Cost less to develop and maintain
  • Inherently link production planning, financial planning and cash flow
  • Can be quickly adjusted to model the cash impact of changes to key
    production drivers
  • Share a single work flow and audit trail that integrates multiple financial and
    operational processes

The unique architecture, built-in financial intelligence and dimensionality means that
Activity-Based Costing, Cash Flow Forecasting, Sales and Operations driver-based
planning (S&OP planning), budgeting, financial forecasting, project and portfolio
management, and scorecards are all connected in a single unified solution in a
single data base
. No other solution provides manufacturers with this much cross-process
capability, control and visibility in a single solution.

Tagetik is built the way your business works. As part of our strategic partnership with
and SAP, we’ve recently added sophisticated industry-specific functionality to
for Business Intelligence (BI), Financial Analytics, Collaboration and
Communication. Learn More...

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