What is the financial impact if your Demand Forecast Accuracy is off by 3%?


This is where Tagetik Corporate Performance management software solution lives.
In a single solution, consumer goods executives can manage performance and
operational planning with a solution that simplifies complex business
and unifies:

  • Sales — budgeting, planning, sales forecasting
  • Production — budgeting and actual production cost
  • Headcount — planning and cost, impact of changes in demand
  • General Expense Management — ads and promotions, logistics, administration
  • Expense Allocations – to lines of business, product categories, and products

In Tagetik, you have a powerful tool to monitor and measure business performance, then take actions to execute on strategy, including:

  • Assessing the impact of promotional campaigns and the margin contribution by campaign, customer, and product
  • Performing variance analysis based on price, quantity variance, delta mix, mix suppliers, and impact on margins
  • Supporting complex actual financial processes (monthly closing, fast closing, budgeting and disclosure reporting and more)
  • Manage complex statutory and management consolidation processes, for powerful control audits and automated processing that ensures data traceability

Tagetik is built the way your business works. As part of our strategic partnership with Microsoft and SAP, we’ve recently added sophisticated industry-specific functionality to Tagetik for Business Intelligence (BI), Financial Analytics, Collaboration and Communication. Learn More...

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