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Solvency II solutions

Three Pillars, One Simple Solution

Let Tagetik manage the complexity of Solvency II, so you can focus on value-added review and analysis. With Tagetik for Solvency II, you have a packaged reporting solution that combines industry expertise to ensure data governance, mapping and traceability.

You’re ready for the rules of today and you’re ready for any changes, updates or additions that may be imposed tomorrow.

Solvency II


Pillar 1: Quantitative Requirements

It doesn’t take a complex, IT heavy solution to address the complexity of Pillar 1. Tagetik provides pre-packaged templates that automatically reports specific data required by Solvency II and provides the calculation rules to accelerate Pillar 1 compliance, without the manual effort of consolidation and calculation.

Pillar 2: Qualitative Requirements & Supervision

Pillar II comes at you from many angles but Tagetik has you covered. Our Pillar 2 application has pre-built ETL for extracting data, integration with your risk calculation engine, built-in Pillar 2 calculations, and best practice reports that can be customized and contains both the numbers and the narrative for ORSA submission. And the reports roll-forward to save you time, every time.

Pillar 3: Disclosure Requirements

Tagetik for Solvency II, Pillar 3 includes standard formulas, provides narrative elements for risk assessments and pre-built templates. We support outputs – with XBRL validation and the EIOPA’s taxonomy – and inputs - with data integration and an audit log - so reports are transparent and compliant.



Confidently calculate

Confidently calculate your capital requirements (MCR, SCR) with packaged Solvency intelligence

Reduce Risk

Reduce risk with stress testing, simulation models and support for forward-looking assessments of own risks (FLAOR)

Accurately forecast

Accurately forecast future capital requirements with predictive modeling

Minimize data errors

Minimize data errors using a single data repository that provides ETL capabilities to seamlessly integrate with other data sources

Accelerate report creation

Accelerate report creation, such as SFCR and RSR, with prebuilt quantitative report templates on group and individual business unit levels

Simplify report filings

Simplify report filings with automated XBRL generation, validation and support of the EIOPA taxonomy.



Pre-packaged Intelligence

Tagetik not only provides you with pre-built templates for data-entry forms, diagnostic checks and reports, but calculation rules, narrative and XBRL output too. Tagetik’s Solvency II software comes equipped with SCR and MCR calculations built-in and ready for Pillar I’s quantitative requirements.


Reliable, Traceable Data

With traceable numbers, stress tests and data quality, with Tagetik you can rest assured that your narrative elements retain integrity. Using a preconfigured template and audit trail, Pillar II’s requirements are satisfied, your review process is fool-proof and your reports are error-free.


Disclosure Management

With customizable, automated workflows and data mapping, Tagetik aligns your processes so that you cover all reporting requirements including Solvency II. Tagetik modernizes budgeting, planning, modeling and consolidation within a single, unified CPM solution to drive numbers accurately into all regulatory reports.

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XBRL Outputs

Organizations need to have a solution that is quick and efficient, with strong validation for Solvency II filings. That’s why we created a robust, intelligent and easy-to-use XBRL output tool that allows you to automatically transform your financial data into compliant XBRL based filings that can be easily rolled forward for the next filing cycle.


Part of unified CPM solution

No single regulatory report is an island. It’s the outcome of your entire financial management processes and reporting systems. Tagetik modernizes budgeting, planning, modeling, consolidation, workflow and controls within a single, unified CPM solution to drive numbers accurately and efficiently into regulatory reports.

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Tagetik's Solvency II Software is trusted by leading companies in the insurance industry


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Solvency II, Disclosure Management, Consolidation, Reporting and Analysis

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Consolidation, Planning, Solvency II, Disclosure Management

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Solvency II


Solvency II


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