Solutions overview


Tagetik is passionate about providing companies with a corporate performance management and business intelligence software solution geared to their corporate, financial, and operational requirements. Our Tagetik Corporate Performance Management (CPM) software is innovative, flexible, and powerful. No matter what role or industry you’re in, you’ll always be given a unified CPM software platform that meets your specific needs across multiple processes.

The breadth of enterprise performance management needs is vast. The best way to meet those needs can vary by: the process(es) that most urgently need to be addressed, the industry your business is in, or your role within the business. Unified performance management software from Tagetik is designed to address the varied needs of our customers and users.

By Process

Tagetik CPM software addresses multiple interrelated performance management processes including budgeting and forecasting, financial consolidation and close, and management and disclosure reporting. Many, but not all, of the processes we cover are listed below.

By Industry

Different industries look at performance differently. Key performance indicators (KPIs), business drivers, and business processes can vary by company, industry or region. Tagetik can help meet the performance management demands and regulations specific to your industry, and support the unique needs of how you do business.

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By Role

The benefits of a unified performance management software solution can differ based on your role in the organization. Check out the benefits that can be achieved at various levels and roles within your business.

  • CEO - Implementing, monitoring and managing a successful CPM strategy
  • CFO - Linking financial measures with operational drivers across the enterprise
  • CIO - Driving informed business decisions from a single CPM software and Business Intelligence solution
  • Controller/Director - Translating company strategy into finance processes and daily activities
  • Line of Business - Automating financial and operational processes end-to-end to help you run your business while
    still meeting corporate requirements for  budgeting, forecasting, reporting, consolidation, and more