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Are you looking for a full feature-rich performance management solution with the benefits of running on the cloud? Tagetik gives you both, without compromise.

  • Free up IT resources
  • Reduce infrastructure cost
  • Ensure scalability
  • Stay current
  • Deploy fast
  • Run Consolidation, Budgeting & Planning, Disclosure Management with one solution


I am very proud that we have delivered the project within the
timelines that we had set and within the budget. Tagetik will deliver
added value to Randstad Group through its advanced functionality
and cloud deployment.
Rob Fenne - Managing Director Group Accounting Randstad Group

Tagetik Cloud certified ISO 27001 Information Security Certification

Performance Management on the cloud, without compromise

You need the full feature-rich functionality to improve your Performance Management processes now and into the future. You need the flexibility and resource advantages of the cloud. Tagetik gives you both, without compromise.

Tagetik SaaS (Software as a Service)

Save time, money and IT resources

You need a unified financial solution to deliver results and gain a competitive edge, but your IT resources are swamped. Tagetik Cloud is the answer. The same powerful Tagetik Performance Management software is available on the cloud. With Tagetik Performance Management Cloud you have the advantage of running all your financial processes – financial reporting and consolidation, budgeting, forecasting and planning, disclosure management – on one unified, cloud-based Financial Performance Platform

Choosing the cloud saves you time and lowers your total cost of ownership:

  • Free up IT resources - greatly reduce the IT resources needed to deploy and maintain the application
  • Reduce infrastructure cost - eliminate any additional hardware and software purchases needed for an on-premises solution, and their ongoing maintenance and support
  • Ensure scalability – deliver scalability as your needs grow with continual infrastructure upgrades and performance tuning
  • Stay current – take advantage of new features and reduce support costs by always being on the latest release
  • Deploy fast – get started quickly as the software is already installed and ready to work with

All the financial intelligence and control you need, deployed securely on the most trusted computing platforms in the world.

Tagetik Enhanced Cloud

You want the benefits of deploying on the cloud with Tagetik SaaS, but to take advantage of it you need an enhanced level of control and flexibility. You need Tagetik Enhanced Cloud.

Tagetik Enhanced Cloud uniquely provides the additional features finance professionals often require to feel comfortable moving financial information to the cloud:

  • Dedicated database - provides a dedicated database instance for your application, giving you an extra layer of control.
  • Schedule your updates - enables you to schedule Tagetik software updates
    when it is most beneficial for you.
  • Development & Test environments – provides an environment to test
    newest updates or system changes before rolling into production
  • Software purchase option – gives you the option to purchase the software
    upfront but still deploy in the cloud, allowing you to capitalize the expenditure.
    You choose the model that makes the most business sense for your organization.

All the benefits of the cloud, with the enhanced control and flexibility you want.

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