Tagetik and SAP Integration

Our mission for product development is to leverage the best technology on the market to deliver the best solution for our customers, and for this reason partnering with SAP HANA was a natural choice.
Marco Pierallini, EVP, Chief Development Officer at Tagetik

Tagetik’s pre-packaged integration fits seamlessly into any SAP environment so your company has the freedom to choose the solution that best fits its business requirements.

What are the benefits of Tagetik and SAP integration?

  • Have a unified Performance Management software solution
  • Shorten your financial reporting process and reduce your cost of integration by as much as 30%
  • Put the power and flexibility of SAP integration into the hands of your finance team
  • Eliminate time-consuming maintenance processes that can bog down both finance and IT
  • Make it easy for your team to pull relevant business data from multiple SAP tables

How does Tagetik & SAP integration work?

The Tagetik-SAP integration is made possible by the Tagetik connector enabled for SAP.

Tagetik Integration with SAP Hana

Tagetik is an OEM partner for SAP HANA and is already leveraging HANA for analytics and BI
via a pre-built connector that automates the generation of a HANA Analytical model based on
Tagetik dimensionality, data, and security.

Starting with the release of Tagetik 5, HANA will be available as the underlying database giving our
customers the flexibility of Oracle, MS SQL Server, or HANA as their database of choice for Tagetik.
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Companies combining the power of Tagetik’s Performance Management Software
and SAP include:

Data Sheet

Tagetik SAP Integration

Unified best-of-breed EPM in an SAP Environment

Case Study

Case Study: API Group

Planning, budgeting and forecasting, Management and legal consolidation, Financial close, Segment reporting

SAP Tagetik OEM Partnership