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Corporate Performance Management Software

Tagetik is a scalable Corporate Performance Management software that unifies all finance processes in one solution. One solution for Budgeting, Planning, Financial Consolidation, Disclosure Management. One installation, one system to maintain, one set of data.

On-Premises Software Solution

  • Integrated - open architecture fits well into existing IT environments. Integrate with ERPs, BI tools, Microsoft Office, databases.
  • Scalable - highly scalable architecture designed to perform well in small-medium organizations as well as the world’s largest.
  • Easy to deploy & maintain - designed for the application to be maintained
    by finance, and the infrastructure to be standard and deployable.

Deployment that Matches Your IT Strategy

Tagetik Performance Management software can be deployed to match your IT strategy, either
on-premise or in the cloud. Whichever way you choose, the software’s rich functionality is the
same.  And if your strategy changes over time, you change the deployment option to match it,

Technology and Architecture

Tagetik Corporate Performance Management software solution is a visionary web-based platformthat users access using any browser (such as Internet Explorer or FireFox) which is Adobe Flash and HTML 5 compliant  and/or Microsoft Excel, Word, or PowerPoint. Tagetik was developed in Java (JEE5 compliant) so it is cross-platform and supports the leading relational databases.

Its open architecture fits well into existing technology environments with the ability to integrate data from virtually any ERP, data-warehouse, or general reporting system.

The real benefit of Tagetik technology is that it provides a highly scalable performance
management environment that does not require a proliferation of cubes, databases,
and technologies. It is remarkably easy for IT to deploy and for finance to manage and

Technology features:

Tagetik Performance management software – technology features

GUI and Web:

  • Rich client application and standard GUI on all ​leading ​browsers​ which support Adobe Flash and HTML5
  • Powerful reporting with Microsoft​ Office​ Excel​, Word, and PowerPoint for Windows
  • Powerful reporting with Adobe PDF

Application Server:

  • Compliant with the Java JEE5 specifications
  • Platform and OS independent: runs on most known Operating Systems
  • Runs on the most widely used Application Servers (JBoss, IBM WebSphere
    and Oracle WebLogic)
  • Maximum vertical and horizontal application scalability
  • Security standard at application and communication level
  • Centralized installation of updates


  • Database independent (certified with Oracle 10 and 11, Microsoft SQL Server
    2005 and higher)
Case Study

Case Study: Henkel

Midterm Planning, Annual Planning, Monthly Budgeting and Forecasting

Case Study

Case Study: Rabobank

Financial reporting, Closing, Regulatory reporting, Budgeting and planning

Case Study

Case Study: Unicredit

Group Consolidation, Regulatory, Management & Statutory Reporting.

Case Study

Case Study: Propex

Strategic planning, Budgeting, Forecasting, Consolidation