Cash Flow Planning



Are you able to see how a change to your operations plan will impact cash flow? With Tagetik performance management software, you can.

A reliable and scalable software solution that empowers CFOs to:

  • Manage and control overall performance
  • Assist the CEO in implementing the corporate strategy
  • Become the partner of business operations
  • Harmonize different views of critical financial data
  • Enable maximum visibility down to business transactions
  • Comply with changing regulations and new governance requirements
  • Reduce up to 50% of Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Understand the cash impact of all of these processes
  • Model potential business decisions with full visibility into cash flow impact

We selected Tagetik after a detailed evaluation of all market-leading solutions. We were convinced by Tagetik’s unified approach to budgeting and forecasting as well as its unparalleled functionality in consolidation and long-term cash flow planning. Ian Sinderson - Finance Director, ATP International


Today’s CFO needs a corporate performance management software solution that can unify cash flow planning with operational and financial planning processes. With the financial intelligence built-in to Tagetik you can automatically see the cash impact of any changes you make to your plans. With our unique double entry logic, you can make changes or test different scenarios, and the cash impact will automatically be calculated.

With Tagetik Cash Flow Planning software your finance department
will have the freedom to:

  • Test multiple scenarios with intelligent data allocations that use different weights and rules for collections and payments
  • Leverage built-in, easy-to-use features for custom financial modeling (collection/payment deferrals, credit/debit schedules, taxes, cash pooling)
  • Develop more accurate forecasts using double-entry accounting rules
  • Manage assets and investments in individual operations
  • Create income statements that automatically calculate depreciation, profit or loss (i.e. short, mid and long term) and taxes
  • Calculate net financial position using built-in features for cash pooling and group taxation
  • Manage cash flow forecasts to carefully monitor your net financial position
  • Plan and monitor your cash and credit position
  • Measure performance through monthly deviation analysis
  • Manage billing “milestones” such as percentage of advance payments,
    guaranteed retentions, advancements and more
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Cash Flow Planning

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