Business Intelligence



Business Intelligence

Can you analyze & visualize your financial data right where it lies? With Tagetik performance management software, you can.

Tagetik supports Business Intelligence functionalities, providing:

Financial data is only as valuable as your ability to access it. If it’s stored across multiple sources, it is difficult to combine, analyze, and take action on. This is why having a consolidated performance management and business intelligence software solution like Tagetik can dramatically improve business performance. Because the data is already in Tagetik you have immediate access to it through Tagetik Business Intelligence functionality.

Tagetik performance management software consolidates key Business Intelligence benefits into a single, unified source, so the Office of Finance can:

  • Analyze and manage enterprise performance including complex financial
    processes, regulatory reporting, and compliance
  • Optimize communication and collaboration across large, international
    teams for a unified approach to enterprise performance management
  • Improve decision-making by embedding business intelligence into
    performance management processes
  • Do deep-dive analysis across multiple business processes such as
    budgeting, planning, forecasting, profitability analysis, consolidation and
    reporting at the business unit level and for enterprise performance
    management in a single solution
  • Provide financial data to decision makers in intuitive, consumable formats
    that are relevant to their specific role
  • Increase individual productivity and extend performance management
    data across a wider user community across the enterprise
  • Maximize existing investments in Tagetik and Microsoft technologies and skills
  • Reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)