Thanks to Tagetik, we have reduced the time we need to collect budget data by 70% and have completely eliminated the need for manual data processing. The solution was implemented by a team of consultants in just a month and has well exceeded our expectations regarding time and costs.
Gabriele Colombo, Luisa Daronco of AGSM

Tagetik helps companies manage performance and improve decision-making throughout the organization. Our unified approach means that finance processes can be managed from start to finish in a single solution with full visibility, workflow, accountability, and traceability throughout. In the same unified solution decision-makers can see how different choices can impact their business, monitor the implementation of strategies, and ensure regulatory compliance. Whether you are addressing one pressing issue or implementing a complete performance management solution, as your company grows and changes, Tagetik software will grow with you.

Through its strategic, global partnership with Microsoft, Tagetik has unified its Performance Management and Business Intelligence solutions with powerful communication and collaboration features. This way, companies can make business information easily accessible to a larger audience and support a wide range of performance management processes that are increasingly interrelated and pervasive throughout the organization.

Companies rely on Tagetik to:

  • Unify Performance Management, Business Intelligence and Financial Governance;
    pool expertise across multiple processes (competence center); gain a complete view of
    their business; and eliminate fragmented processes.
  • Optimize decision-making through greater visibility and advanced communication
    and collaboration across multiple processes to cope with tighter deadlines and
    growing regulatory pressures.
  • Increase business productivity through highly collaborative software that allows
    them to devote more time to analyzing information and spend less time reconciling
    data and producing reports.
  • Define a complete “Last Mile of Finance” process that includes financial
    intelligence, workflow, collaboration, and traceability from consolidation all the
    way through final disclosure.
  • Reduce deployment and maintenance time thanks to built-in processes and
    financial intelligence; vertical industry expertise and functionality; common,
    intuitive interfaces; and a single point of administration.
  • Maximize existing IT investments through straightforward integration with other
    systems and optimal use of innovative Microsoft technologies.
  • Reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) through a single, open, unified
    system for performance management and business intelligence.

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more powerful, and the smart choice for those who are passionate about performance.

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