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Phone: +39 0583 96811

Our family of consultants/technicians are readily available to assist your needs in order to guarantee post-project assistance necessary for Tagetik. In order to access Tagetik’s support services you are required to have purchased Tagetik licenses and have a valid maintenance contract.


Our online portal allows you to safely and quickly track any problems encountered
when using the software. It is accessible 24/7 with advanced control systems that
offers you a progress report of your issue; ensuring a more rapid solution than
traditional support systems and lowering your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Help line

Should you require support or technical assistance, please dial the following number and an
expert consultant will be  available to provide you with quality service required:
+39 0583 96811


In order to provide quality assistance, should the help line be occupied, you can email your
inquiry at Indicating your company name, telephone number, the
Software Process and the service/support you require.  Your email will be automatically routed
to the Tagetik  Call Center where an expert consultant will contact you as soon as possible.