The Tagetik Education Program is a blended learning approach, where users learn to effectively manage the product in a very short timeframe. Our program is available to all customers, partners, and distributors, so that you and your team can manage Tagetik’s capabilities with confidence.


All courses are run as ‘live’ training. Instructor's explanations are conducted on a training environment. In order to make the training more efficient and interactive as possible, every attendee is asked to perform a series of hands-on workshops on a standard remote application. All the training courses are based on Tagetik with the .NET Reporting Client and include user manual with tutorials, demonstrations and workshops, quick reference cards and flowchart. The minimum number of attendees for a training course is 3, the maximum is 10. In the case of special requirements, some training courses can be delivered as a Virtual Classroom Training (VCT). A VCT is led remotely by a live instructor in a virtual environment with the option of hands-on exercises.

Courses can be held at Tagetik offices or on-site at the customer location. For further information, please contact us at .

 scheduled courses

Browse through our scheduled training courses and use the following filters to select the topic you are interested in, the month and/or the location you would like to attend the course. The training calendar below will include only the courses that match the criterias you choose.

Dec 13 / Arnhem (NL)

Dec 14 / Lucca (IT)

Dec 15 / Arnhem (NL)

Dec 16 / Arnhem (NL)

Dec 19 / Wien (AT)

Dec 20-21 / Wien (AT)

Dec 20-21 / Arnhem (NL)

Dec 27 / Arnhem (NL)

Dec 28-29 / Arnhem (NL)

on demand courses

Below you will find the list of courses that are not scheduled in our training calendar, so you can directly pick the course you are interested in and we will organize a training class for you.

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training Contacts

For further info contact us at