Should you invest in CPM?

Find out with free Forrester TEI ROI calculator
forrester roi

Are you considering an investment in CPM software? Most agree that CPM provides business value but many struggle to quantify that value. That is why Tagetik has commissioned Forrester Consulting to create a CPM software ROI estimator. Using their trademarked Total Economic Impact (TEI) methodology, Forrester has developed an Excel spreadsheet that will calculate your:

  • Total Risk-adjusted costs and business benefits
  • Cost and benefits breakdown
  • ROI % and total ROI over a 3 year period
  • Payback period in months

Now by entering just a few numbers, Forrester's proven built-in logic will estimate your business value from investing in CPM.  It is a great tool for building a business case, courtesy of Tagetik.  Give it a try!

If you like your results, contact us and we'll spend 30 minutes with you to generate a more sophisticated and detailed ROI analysis based on the same Forrester TEI methodology.