Partners Overview



People make the difference.

People drive business success.

Tagetik wants to win together with its partners.
By ensuring the support of key resources,
we strengthen the capabilities of your experts and help create value in their roles.

Tagetik is committed to staying on the cutting edge of evolving corporate and business performance
management solutions. We do this by fostering partnerships with technology leaders, consulting
specialist and resellers.

  • Executive sponsors are top Tagetik executives who dedicate their time to guarantee our
    commitment and ensure that the right people are involved at the right time. They offer
    support in rolling out regional or international partnerships to a global scale and coordinating
    your activities with the right contacts worldwide.
  • Product Champions are top Tagetik product experts who serve as your first point of contact
    to solve any arising product-related issues. This service is available for Strategic, Premiere
    and Business Partners.
  • Sales & Marketing Managers assist in your daily activities with Tagetik. They support
    partners in reaching our common objectives.

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26 February 2015 – 16:00 pm CET

Just unveiled a refreshed logo and corporate identity: “We get Finance. You get Results”.

New identity highlights the combination of deep finance expertise and targeted innovation that drives results for our customers.

Why the new identity? Why the dice?

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26 Febbraio 2015 – 16:00 pm CET

Tagetik lancia un nuovo logo e una nuova corporate identity: "We get Finance. You get Results."

La rinnovata filosofia del brand riflette la combinazione tra competenze finanziarie avanzate e innovazione tecnologica mirata, a beneficio dei nostri clienti.

Perché una nuova corporate identity? Perché il dado?

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26 Februar 2015 – 16.00 Uhr

Wir stellen heute vor: Ein aktualisiertes Logo und ein neues Unternehmensprofil: "We get Finance. You get Results".

Das neue Unternehmensprofil betont die Kombination aus umfassendem Finanzwissen und zielgerichteter Innovation, die für Kunden großen Nutzen bedeutet.

Warum gibt es das neue Unternehmensprofil? Wozu der Würfel?

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26 February 2015 – 16:00 pm CET

Tagetik dévoile son nouveau logo et sa nouvelle identité d’entreprise: "We get Finance. You get Results".

Cette nouvelle identité met en avant la combinaison d’une forte expertise dans le domaine de la finance et d'une constante innovation ciblée conduisant à des résultats probant pour nos clients.

Pourquoi une nouvelle identité? Pourquoi le dé?

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