XBRL for Regulatory Reporting

Empower your disclosure process with XBRL and iXBRL functionality

Tagetik’s XBRL functionality gives you immediate control and full ownership of your XBRL or iXBRL submission. Tag items, import and establish taxonomies, generate filings in XBRL or iXBRL format from the same data you use for other reporting.

That makes it easy to incorporate last-second changes into your reporting documents and provides more time for reviews before submission. No error, no risks. Get a full control on your submission process.

Collaborative Office Benefits


Automate the entire disclosure process

Prepare, share and publish financial data from management reports to statutory filings, and XBRL reports

Simplify XBRL reporting

Embed XBRL submissions in your disclosure management process to ensure full consistency

Full control on the process

Have full control over regulatory reporting and tagging submission process

Eliminate manual edits and errors

Eliminate time-consuming manual activities and limit potential errors

Improve overall quality

Improve the overall quality and reliability of reports produced in your disclosure management process

Use a single solution

Manage the entire disclosure process in a single solution including full XBRL and iXBRL support

XBRL key capabilities include

Import Taxonomies

Produce XBRL reporting information on both entity and group levels and import taxonomies.

Automate Tagging

Automate financial data tagging and XBRL taxonomies updates. Eliminate the need to retag with the ability to retain tagging from one period to the next.

Multiple Filings

Whether you have specific local requirements or are a multinational company that must submit multiple filings simultaneously in multiple countries, Tagetik’s easy tagging, validation and collaborative document creation simplifies XBRL management and increases the speed - and accuracy - of your submission process.

Validate Submissions

Create XBRL submissions and validate them to ensure they’re error free before filing. Tag financial data and submit it in XBRL, thus meeting online submission requirements for corporate tax returns.

XML Files and Display Reports

Produce XML files for required instances and display reports in XBRL format.

Full Support

Get the support for all phases of the financial information lifecycle including preparation, validation, analysis and dissemination of XBRL reports.

Tagetik's xbrl Software is trusted by leading companies across all industries


CDM, XBRL Reporting, Reporting, Annual Report

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CDM, XBRL Reporting, Reporting, Regulatory Reporting, Management Reporting, Annual Report

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CDM, XBRL Reporting, Statutory Consolidation, Reporting


CDM, XBRL Reporting, Statutory Consolidation, Reporting

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CDM, XBRL Reporting, Statutory Consolidation, Reporting


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In this webinar, guest speaker Harjot Ghai, from the leading CPM consulting firm, Obero Inc., will discuss the problems of having multiple applications for financial performance management, and how unified performance management can help your company lower its total cost of ownership (TCO) for the last mile of finance including XBRL submission.

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