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Do you require multiple products for sales and operational (S&OP) planning? With Tagetik, you only need one.

Tagetik is an enterprise budgeting and planning solution that unifies S&OP within its corporate performance management offering. No more integrating multiple products or reconciling plans between finance and operations because Tagetik has it covered in one unified solution. 

sales & operational Planning key capabilities include

 Unified Financial and Operational Planning

With a unified approach S&OP,  not only does this enable you to see the financial impact of modeling operational drivers on plans, budgets and forecasts; it also provides insights into asset usage, working capital, inventory and more. This enables planners and operational users to make more informed, data-driven decisions. 

Tagetik automatically calculates and highlights variances - such as the difference between scenarios, plans, forecasts and actuals, vis-a-vis operational drivers including volume, price, cost, others. Not only does this reconcile operational and financial plans, but it provides greater insights into the cost of sale and the sourcing drivers that impact it. 

Variance Analysis & Reporting

 Activity-based Costing

Determine true costs and their impact on margin and profitability by incorporating indirect and activity-based costs. Using Tagetik's unified Financial Performance Platform, allocating and managing indirect/activity costs can drill down to the activity, product, project, customer and service-level for more accurate profitability reporting. 

Different business and operational drivers impact performance and profitability in different ways. Tagetik helps you assess these drivers, evaluate against allocation rules, generate variance reports and faciliate better, more informed decision-making. Tagetik acts as your profit center manager, allowing you to gain an understanding of commercial drivers and supply constraints needed to make the right business pivots. 

 Business Driver Impact

 Cash Flow Forecasting

See the true cash impact of operational processes with short and long term cash flow forecasting. Supported by advanced modeling logic, you can forecast cash, inventory, accounts payable and receivable by country, customer, segment and intercompany transactions to improve management of cash position, interest expense, and working capital utilization.

With Tagetik's powerful allocation engine, it's easy to allocate direct, indirect and activity-based costs down to the most granular level. Assess true profitability based on detailed analysis of costs across your entire enterprise, including all departments and all pricing positions, from distribution waterfalls to complete multi-step allocations across multiple dimensions.

 Costing & Allocations

Tagetik's sales & operational planning Software is trusted by leading companies across all industries

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Sales Planning, Purchase Planning, Cash Flow Planning, Credit Analysis

ls travel retail north america

Sales Planning, Budgeting, Cash Flow Planning, Capex, Reporting, Forecasting

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Operational Planning, Budgeting, Planning & Consolidation

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While the benefits of financial and operational integration are great, companies struggle to get to true integration. Crossing traditional silos is a challenge, and piecemeal software with the promise of integration has made it almost impossible without great time and cost. What’s needed is a practical approach to Integrated Business Planning (IBP) – one that goes beyond traditional Corporate Performance Management (CPM) and Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) processes and applications.

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