cash flow planning

The financial impact of missing a sales target or an unexpected glitch along the production line shouldn’t be a mystery.

Tagetik allows you to monitor the cash-in, cash-out impact of budgets, sales and operating plans. With automated real-time updates and a central data repository, you can see the impact of business changes on your cash flow plans as soon they happen.

Cash Flow Planning Software

cash flow planning key capabilities include

 Scenario Testing

With intelligent data allocations that use different weights and rules for collections and payments, you can test multiple scenarios in preparation for growth and worst-case scenarios.

Leverage built-in, easy-to-use features to model collection/payment deferrals, credit/debit schedules, taxes and cash pooling. Then define models to calculate DSO, DPO, collections, days outstanding and expired so you always know when and where money is due.

Custom Financial Modeling

 Double-Entry Logic

Develop forecasts using double-entry accounting rules so decision makers can quickly analyze the impact of business changes on cash flow forecasts as they occur, while understanding the net financial position at all times.

Create income statements that automatically calculate depreciation, taxes and profits and losses in the short, medium and long term. Stay on the pulse of your net financial position using built-in features for cash pooling and group taxation.

 Pre-packaged Calculations


Plan and monitor your cash and credit position in real-time, and see it come to life it with custom dashboards and visualization, so you can better identify trends and account for the unforeseen.

With a combination of real-time data, historical data and external data, automatically measure standard deviation and fluctuations to better understand your risks. 

 Deviation Analysis

 Multiple Cash Flow Plans

Break down cash flow plans and balance sheets by operation, product or department and manage several lines of credit, even if they use different financial policies. All data lives in a central source, so changes to actuals reflect in all plans and forecasts.

Tagetik's cash flow planning Software is trusted by leading companies across all industries


Midterm Planning, Annual Planning, Monthly Budgeting and Forecasting

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Budgeting, Cash Flow Planning, Consolidation, Reporting

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Cash Flow Planning, Consolidation, Reporting

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Hunterdon Medical Center

Budgeting, Planning & Forecasting, Cash Flow Planning

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On Demand Webinar


Joel Macholan, VP of Financial Planning and Analysis at Wintrust, will discuss the steps taken to implement and optimize an all-encompassing solution - from the projection of the current portfolio for an accurate Balance Sheet planning to the automated consolidation of the budget and forecast – that fully supports the office of the CFO.

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