Tagetik Nordic AB

Tagetik Nordic AB represents Tagetik in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Iceland

Tagetik Nordic AB


Tagetik Nordic is an internationally experienced team of Finance and IT professionals based in Stockholm, responsible for the regional execution of Tagetik’s global strategy. Offering long track records implementing and rolling out other CPM products, Anders Wincrantz and his team today exclusively cover the Nordic markets offering Tagetik Software Solutions. Tagetik Nordic is equally committed to support Nordic customers and CPM partners when implementing Tagetik Software. It is our qualified conviction that Tagetik is the only product design in the global market ensuring a unified software solution for the Office of Finance, who wants to maintain their Corporate Performance Management System in-house following deployment. 


Brännkyrkagatan 14C
118 20 Stockholm - Sweden
Phone: +46 (0)842057335

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