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Brexit - How should the CFO respond?

Progressive CFO Series

Gary Simon - Chief Executive of FSN and Leader of the Modern Finance Forum & 
Manuel Vellutini, Co-CEO of Tagetik 

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As the world grapples with the fallout from Brexit, businesses around the world will be turning to their CFOs and finance functions to help them navigate the uncertain times ahead. If ever there was a time for the finance function to demonstrate how it role is becoming more value-adding and strategic, this is it. But what should the finance function be doing? What are the key steps and processes that need to be in place to ride out the uncertainty, manage the risks and take advantage of new opportunities as competitors jostle for position?

In this 30 minute webinar, Gary Simon, Chief Executive of FSN and Leader of the Modern Finance Forum will be interviewing Manuel Vellutini, Co-CEO of Tagetik a global provider of strategic and financial performance management software. Over the last decade, Manuel has spear-headed the expansion of the business from its Italian roots in Southern Europe into a global player and is therefore well versed in the mechanics of Europe, its politics and how it is viewed by different business communities around the world.

But his company also provides the tools that help businesses plan and make decisions about the future. This interview will uniquely combine these perspectives to provide ideas and insights around how companies should respond to Brexit.