Local Sponsorships

The Italian Cycling Federation (ICF)


The Italian Cycling Federation (ICF) brings together all Italian cycling clubs. The Federation’s aim is to develop, promote, regulate, protect and organize cycling activities throughout the country as well as to train young athletes and coaches. Cycling is not only our passion but it is also a passion of many people who make the effort, typical of this discipline, their spirit of life. For this reason Tagetik has chosen to support the cycling Italian team Under 23, Junior and Élite. On the road, cycling, we are sharing new passions, new businesses and, most importantly, new friends.

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La Bagarre Ciclistica Lucchese

La Bagarre

La Bagarre Ciclistica Lucchese is an association founded by a group of friends who share the same road, effort and passion on two wheels. The name Bagarre signifies the desire to bring together cyclists to participate in competitions and other athletic events.

La Bagarre Ciclistica Lucchese is the synthesis of cycling passion composed of true lovers of the wind between the wheels. Tagetik supports this group of young cyclists who are based in the city of Lucca (home to Tagetik) with their hearts in many cities, even yours…

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Seventies Running Team


The Amateur Athletic Association SEVENTIES RUNNING TEAM LUCCA was founded by a group of friends, all born in the 70s, bringing together all running lovers proposing to participate in competitive/noncompetitive sporting events. The SEVENTIES RUNNING TEAM LUCCA organizes and engages passionate people who are willing to travel and take part in projects that reflect the interests of the city of Lucca. Since its founding in 2013 to date, the Association has about one hundred registered athletes boasting participation in marathons and other important competitive races within the international scene. The Associations modern approach, with particular attention and sensitivity to social issues, has inspired Tagetik to support them in the belief that through competitive sports combined with the generosity with which the SEVENTIES RUNNING TEAM LUCCA approaches rising issues of the city of Lucca, can contribute to the growth of a human territory dear to our company.

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2016 Tagetik Calendar


“T.E.N. – The Endless Nature is the theme of Tagetik’s 2016 calendar. A company-wide competition was held in order to select the photos. All Tagetik employees selected the winning photos. This year, as in the past, proceeds from the calendar will be used to assist in the realization of important, well-defined projects that require the utmost faith and dedication.

This year, the associations which will benefit from our help are:

  • "La Bottega Digitale" -  La Bottega Digitale is a project which aspires to teach the use of technology, now essential for everyday life, such as the use of computers, mobile phones and social networks. Their objective is to help patients face the working world by working with office programs, creating graphic-media material and also repair and dismantling of computers for recycling. The purpose of “Laboratorio Digitale” is to recycle and reuse computers and electronic equipment that are no longer in use.

  • Amani Nyayo – Progetto “Vitamina” - Amani NyayoSwahili means “True Peace”, it is a Tuscany non-profit organization operating in voluntary work since 1997 in support of collaboration projects in Africa and Latin America. The association supports the "Vitamin” project, which aspires to provide two servings of fruit a day to children in the center "Exodus”, preventing diseases caused by lack of vitamins (vitamin deficiency). The center hosts about 45 children and young people (genocide and AIDS patients’ orphans, abandoned children and kids with family problems).

  • “Un pulmino per il sorriso dei bimbi di Padre Pietro” – Missioni Saveriane - Six years ago, Padre Pietro Rinaldi, a Xaverian missionary, created a shelter for orphaned and abandoned children in the Capital of Congo (Kinshasa). The center hosts about forty children, between ages 3 and 14, who have all experienced a difficult past. Some of their families were destroyed by war and others were taken from the rebel army. The Xaverian fathers take care of their food & education thanks to the generosity of the people. The project includes the purchase of a minibus to be used as public transportation, because the city does not have one. This bus service helps guarantee funding for at least one meal a day per child.