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XBRL - 手に負えない頭痛の種

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Many XBRL filers have unknowingly exposed their companies to litigation risk…don't be one of them. Inaccurate filings of XBRL, 10-Q/Ks, and annual reports can cost companies millions in fines, litigation, and lost market cap. Start building an effective strategy for XBRL compliance during this informative webcast.

  • Understand current and future XBRL compliance requirements, deadlines, and liability
  • Learn how to communicate the urgency of taking action on XBRL now to your executive team
  • Manage the liability and litigation risks that all companies filing XBRL face
  • Assess the pros and cons of outsourcing or “insourcing” XBRL tagging and submission
  • Avoid the significant mistakes, misstatements, and errors that many filers have made

In this webinar, guest speaker Harjot Ghai, from the leading CPM consulting firm, Obero Inc., will discuss the problems of having multiple applications for financial performance management, and how unified performance management can help your company lower its total cost of ownership (TCO) for the last mile of finance including XBRL submission.

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