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As manufacturers become larger and more complex, what differentiates the ROI of Corporate Performance Management (CPM) application investment is the degree of financial and operational integration. By attending this webinar, you’ll learn how to differentiate between the planning model maturity offered by EPM vendors and how the right model can:

  • Minimize the time and total cost of implementing and owning EPM and BI technologies
  • Significantly reduce budget cycle time and increase forecast accuracy
  • Provide detailed insight into the financial impact of changes to operational plans and forecasts
  • Establish an environment for "what-if" modeling to drive profitable growth and sustainable cost reduction
  • Drive bottom line impact from EPM investments, which can be as much as 5% of sales

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Learn about EPM in Manufacturing from the experience of Dean Sorensen, a management consultant and founder of the IBP Collaborative. Dean has extensive experience in helping manufacturing organizations improve how they plan, manage and govern their business. He recently published an article entitled “EPM in Manufacturing: Finally Coming of Age” that addresses many of the issues described above. Download the article.