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From Data to Discovery: Dynamic Reporting & Automation at John Hancock/Manulife

単純なデータから活用可能なデータへ:動的なレポート作成とその自動化に成功 - John Hancock/Manulife

In collaboration with John Hancock/Manulife


When Manulife, a leading Canadian financial services group, acquired U.S.-based John Hancock more than a decade ago, the management of different reporting processes and regulations in the U.S. and Canada had become increasingly difficult.

The current landscape was cumbersome and prone to error. Challenges included:

  • Multiple reporting requirements based on region
  • Manual consolidation of data provided by decentralized business units
  • Different reporting processes between the U.S. and Canadian teams

The goal was clear: simplify and automate the financial reporting processes between the two entities located in two different countries.

Hear first-hand from Jeff Nataupsky, VP of financial reporting and controls for John Hancock, how the organization was able to create one source of truth for reporting and disclosure while (1) significantly reducing manual processes (2) streamlining data collection and (3) standardizing reporting processes.


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