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Banking Insights From Deloitte: How to Optimize Budgeting & Planning


Huy Tran, Budget Manager of Resources for Human Development


At any non-profit organization, the main barometer of success is how effective the organization is in maintaining responsibility to the charitable mission. Specifically for the office of finance at an NPO, the core focus is the fiduciary responsibility to that mission insofar as to provide transparency surrounding the budget, financial reports and audits. Corporate Performance Management (CPM) solutions provide NPOs with the advanced functionality needed to effectively manage and optimize financial performance.

Join the webinar to understand why a comprehensive CPM solution is a game-changer for an NPO, and the 6 key features needed to transform the financial paradigm at an NPO.

Huy Tran, Budget Manager of Resources for Human Development, details how after implementing Tagetik, RHD was able to compare 12 different forecasting scenarios to manage payroll expenses and report on the efficacy of their core programs.

In this webinar, you will learn how a performance solution helps an NPO: 

  • Understand the true cost of a program
  • Manage scarce resources 
  • Produce reliable cash analysis
  • Support a comprehensive budgeting & planning process
  • Effectively report to all stakeholders
  • Perform detailed fund analysis

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