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From Data to Discovery: Dynamic Reporting & Automation at John Hancock/Manulife

The Banking CFO:収益性分析による銀行の収益力向上方法

Patrick Williams, Senior Solutions Consultant - Tagetik North America
Paolo Angeli, Director, Solutions Management - Tagetik North America


Banks are at a crossroads and face new market challenges. FinTech startups, increased regulation, and consolidations have made understanding the business at a detailed level more important than ever.

Understanding profitability down to the branch, product unit and instrument level gives banks the ability to make better business decisions. To gain real value it is important to understand profitability as part of the month-end close process, so you can then plan at the same level in the budget and forecasting process going forward.

Join us as we discuss how today's corporate performance management (CPM) solutions can drive this analysis.

In this webinar we will discuss:

  • What challenges banks are facing in today's market
  • How CPM solutions can enable profitability analysis
  • How analyzing profitability for both the month-end close cycle and the budgeting & planning cycle leads to better decisions
  • What to look for to ensure a successful deployment
  • How profitability analysis can drive future growth

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