Tagetik Cloud Runs on Microsoft Windows Azure

Robust solution and services that use the Microsoft cloud platform demonstrate innovation, competitive differentiation, and customer value
Lucca, Italy 10 May 2012


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Tagetik, a global provider of enterprise software solutions for Performance Management, Disclosure Management, Financial Governance and Business Intelligence, today announced that the Tagetik 4.0 platform is now available on Microsoft Windows Azure. Tagetik’s cloud-based offering reduces maintenance costs and simplifies IT infrastructure, allowing even small businesses to take advantage of the power of Tagetik 4.0 software.

Tagetik 4.0 can be easily deployed either on-premises or in the cloud running on Windows Azure. ‘Tagetik 4.0 – Cloud Edition’ provides the same deep financial intelligence and scalability that its on-premises customers love but on infrastructure which is managed by Tagetik on Microsoft’s cutting edge cloud technology stack.

We have recently completed a joint development effort with Microsoft to build our cloud offering through Windows Azure,” says Marco Pierallini – EVP, Chief Development Officer at Tagetik. “We strongly believe that deploying Tagetik 4.0’s controlled environment for managing and monitoring financial processes on Windows Azure will help us to respond to our customers’ business demands in terms of cost reduction, productivity increase, and overall satisfaction as well as exploit new emerging market opportunities for the CFO and the Office of Finance.”

At Microsoft, we are pleased to recognize that one of our most strategic ISV partners shows its commitment to our cloud platform, providing winning solutions for new valuable
,” adds Silvia Candiani, Marketing & Operations Director at Microsoft Italy.
We have supported the Tagetik development team to architect its cloud solution to better
leverage our technology platform. Through joint participation in the EMEA best practice
‘Acceleration Lab’, we were able to identify and address any issues early in the development
process thus achieving a great result both of us

This is an excellent accomplishment,” concludes Pietro Scott Jovane, President and CEO at
Microsoft Italy
. “Working with our partners and taking them to the cloud is a key strategic goal at