Don’t depend on Excel and legacy applications (and duct tape, and bailing wire) for budgeting and planning again this year.

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Common sense tells us that Excel is just not designed to support a collaborative and effective planning process. Yet  industry analysts estimate that more than half of companies still using spreadsheets for budgeting and planning and many others are using outdated (and often unsupported) legacy planning applications.
As a consequence budgets and forecasts are often inaccurate and out of date before they are even completed.

At Tagetik we have helped companies worldwide break the reins of Excel to improve the accuracy and efficiency of the planning process – saving time, effort and cost along the way - and still let them leverage Excel as a user interface.

Watch this informative webcast and hear how OCLC, a global non-profit computer
service and research organization, quickly replaced its aging budgeting application and
an assortment of Excel spreadsheets with a single, centralized system for planning,
forecasting and reporting

26 February 2015 – 16:00 pm CET

Just unveiled a refreshed logo and corporate identity: “We get Finance. You get Results”.

New identity highlights the combination of deep finance expertise and targeted innovation that drives results for our customers.

Why the new identity? Why the dice?

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26 Febbraio 2015 – 16:00 pm CET

Tagetik lancia un nuovo logo e una nuova corporate identity: "We get Finance. You get Results."

La rinnovata filosofia del brand riflette la combinazione tra competenze finanziarie avanzate e innovazione tecnologica mirata, a beneficio dei nostri clienti.

Perché una nuova corporate identity? Perché il dado?

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26 Februar 2015 – 16.00 Uhr

Wir stellen heute vor: Ein aktualisiertes Logo und ein neues Unternehmensprofil: "We get Finance. You get Results".

Das neue Unternehmensprofil betont die Kombination aus umfassendem Finanzwissen und zielgerichteter Innovation, die für Kunden großen Nutzen bedeutet.

Warum gibt es das neue Unternehmensprofil? Wozu der Würfel?

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26 February 2015 – 16:00 pm CET

Tagetik dévoile son nouveau logo et sa nouvelle identité d’entreprise: "We get Finance. You get Results".

Cette nouvelle identité met en avant la combinaison d’une forte expertise dans le domaine de la finance et d'une constante innovation ciblée conduisant à des résultats probant pour nos clients.

Pourquoi une nouvelle identité? Pourquoi le dé?

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