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Tips & Tricks for Companies with Financial Complexities

Speakers: Susan Heffern, Controller at Resources Global Professionals (RGP)

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Resources Global Professionals (RGP), a multinational professional service firm, provides consulting and business initiative support services in areas such as accounting and finance, human capital, information management, and supply chain management for over 1,800 clients both nationally and internationally.

With an unsupported legacy system and an overreliance on manual input, RGP faced the laborious, inefficient financial reporting and budgeting demands of a rapidly growing, global organization. Working out of a legacy system, and exclusively out of Excel for their budgeting process, the service firm dealt with a difficult process prone to error.

To manage the organization’s increasing complexity, RGP needed a global enterprise solution that provided the functionality to meet the company’s ever-expanding requirements.

Susan Heffern, controller at RGP, discusses how Tagetik’s global enterprise solution allowed the organization to meet today’s challenges while also providing the scalability to tackle those in the future.

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