Budgeting for Success: How to Set and Achieve Targets Effectively

Created by the editorial staff at CFO



Setting optimal targets with an imperative to slash costs is one thing, but how do companies hit a budgeting bullseye when success depends on expertly controlling costs and finding new sources of growth? By asking their finance teams to aim higher.

Given this focus on searching for growth, finance executives are especially interested in addressing any shortcomings in their budgeting practices. This eBook shares insights into how CFOs like you are moving forward with their budgeting processes and goals.

This eBook will cover:

  • Whether organizations are now increasingly emphasizing the hunt for growth opportunities over cost control;
  • The changes to the budgeting process that companies can make to improve their ability to analyze information;
  • The role of technology in budgeting effectiveness; and
  • The importance of getting employees at all department levels involved in the budgeting process.

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