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Worlds apart?

Financial and Operational Planning need to come together

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Integrating financial plans with operational plans sounds so simple, but it is not. What are the barriers? How do companies overcome them? Hear from industry expert, Lora Cecere (Founder of Supply Chain Insights LLC), on how you can integrate financial plans with operational plans to drive action. In this webinar you will learn:

  • The benefits of integrating financial and operational plans
  • The barriers faced in companies
  • Case studies on how people have overcome these barriers
  • The technology role in solving the problem

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About the Speaker

Lora Cecere (@lcecere) is the Founder of Supply Chain Insights LLC and the author of popular enterprise software blog Supply Chain Shaman currently read by over 4500 supply chain professionals. Her book, Bricks Matter, publishes in the fall of 2012. With over nine years as a research analyst with AMR Research, Altimeter Group, and Gartner Group, Lora is now Founder of Supply Chain Insights. She has worked with over 600 companies on their supply chain strategy and speaks at conferences on the evolution of supply chain processes and technologies; Lora is seen as a supply chain visionary. Her research is designed for the early adopter seeking first mover advantage.