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EIOPA Solvency II Rules May Lead to New Opportunities

This year will be a busy year for the insurance industry as it makes sure it is fully compliant with Solvency II regulations by January 2016 - and for some insurers it will be a case of deciding whether to withdraw from an entire class of business or a territory. Not a trivial decision.

New Year, New Rules - Solvency II

The implementation date for Solvency II is set for January 2016. Addressing and automating Solvency II compliance should be a New Year’s resolution for all insurance companies. Learn how to be compliant with Solvency II.

Collaborative Disclosure Management: one source of the truth

Learn how to improve financial reporting processes throughout a merged organization in a cost-effective and streamlined manner.

Immature Driver Models Undermine Rolling Forecasts in Manufacturing

Learn how rolling forecast and Driver-Based Planning models can deliver tangible business value in your organization.

CPM Dashboards – more than just a pretty face

Dashboards are more than a reporting tool. When used effectively, they can help you measure, monitor, and manage your business performance. Dashboards help you identify what you need to measure, make connections to current strategic objectives, and determine how well your business is delivering value against your objectives.