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Can a CPM software vendor be credible if they say, “cloud is just a fad”?

Discover why organizations should not make CPM software selection decisions based on deployment. Decisions should be determined by the company’s immediate and long-term business requirements.

Five Considerations for Selecting a Collaborative Reporting Software Solution

The reporting process for most companies remains largely manual, hugely time-consuming and error-prone. Automated collaborative reporting yields many significant and immediate benefits, including increased productivity, better accuracy and compressed reporting cycles.

CFOs – Vanguards or Villains?

Many magazine articles proclaim that the CFO has expanded to a role of a strategic advisor. But does the evidence support this assertion? Many companies retain managerial accounting practices that are arcane, flawed, misleading, and incomplete. Commonly accepted explanations of why some CFOs are not progressive hide the root cause reason which is more behavioral than technical.

What CPM capabilities are critical to you?

Gartner recently released new research on Critical Capabilities for Corporate Performance Management Suites that evaluates 12 vendors across 9 critical capabilities in CPM. It allows you to look at the specific capabilities that are most important to your business and see which vendors are strong in those particular capabilities.

Ongoing maintenance: a costly oversight for many when looking for a CPM solution

7 questions to ask to a CPM software vendor during a demo or POC that will give you some insight as to how difficult it would be to maintain the system once installed