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Closer Look: SAP HANA and CPM - In-Memory Technology Enables Faster Allocations, Better Analysis

Marco recently posted a blog on why Finance should care about SAP HANA. I’m going to expand a little bit more on the why SAP HANA is so much faster, especially as it processes large amounts of data, as is often the case with allocations.

The “hidden” issues that derail some cloud CPM deployments

There has been a lot written about the benefits and concerns of moving financial systems to the cloud. In the recent eBook “Leveraging Cloud and Mobile” from, there were two issues highlighted that are very insightful, and not often spoken about...

Product Tips: Tracking the Evolution of a Budget from start to finish

The budget cycle is often like the old game ‘telephone’ - you start at one point, but what comes out the other end is completely different.

Cloud Computing is changing the CPM business

Working in the cloud is not rocket science, it is reality. It is currently the most significant trend in the IT business and offers companies the opportunity to acquire software solutions and storage in various sizes as well as computing power.

Fixing Finance with CPM

The top areas where Finance Executives are motivated to 'fix finance' are a need to improve the quality or usefulness of information provided by finance; a belief that finance can do more to help business managers boost revenues and profitability; and a desire to boost labor productivity in finance.

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