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The Journey to Integrated Reporting

Integrated reporting builds on the existing financial reporting model to incorporate non-financial information that can help stakeholders (internal and external) understand how a company creates and sustains value over the long term. There is no single path to an integrated reporting implementation. However, there are stages in the journey that are common to most companies.

Financial restatements - now that Hertz!

We recently saw that Hertz corp expanded their restatement beyond 2011 to include 2012 and 2013 as well. This announcement sent the stock price down over 9% in a day, down 22% since the first restatement announcement in June. CFOs and CEOs cannot be wrong when it comes to reporting their financials: many company’s financial processes are still prone to errors and inaccuracies.

No cookie-cutter approach to Planning & Forecasting

Tying together financial and operational plans is a directive for many organizations. The reality is most companies are not ready yet.

Tagetik wins Ventana Technology Innovation Award for the Office of Finance

Tagetik recently received the Technology Innovative Award for the Office of Finance from Ventana Research for our Collaborative Disclosure Management solution (CDM). According to Ventana, the award is designed to: “recognize pioneers that have developed clear visionary and transformative technology that can be used to drive improved efficiency and productivity as well as the outcomes and performance of an organization.”

Exceptional EPM Systems are an Exception

Quite naturally, many organizations over-rate the quality of their enterprise and corporate performance management (EPM / CPM) practices and systems. In reality they lack in being comprehensive and how integrated they are.