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The dream of unifying IFRS and GAAP is dead

While a grandiose and well-intended idea, the idea of the US joining the IASB and creating one IFRS accounting standard is dead.

HP would have benefited from strong CPM

HP, the world’s largest technology company, has decided to split into two companies. It reminded me that when a company embarks on a major change to its business, either through acquisition, or in this case splitting up, a strong CPM solution is vital to facilitate the discussions prior to the final decision being made.

CPM Whack-a-Mole

The popular game Whack-a-mole is similar to what often happens when a company is looking for a CPM solution. That's why companies are back in the market 2 years after implementing a solution because it didn’t scale the way they expected, or it couldn’t handle new acquisitions, it couldn’t be extended to handle additional processes or it had to be completely redone to accomplish meet new analysis or reporting needs.

Tagetik 5: Innovation Without Disruption!

Tagetik 5 is the next step in the evolution of the Financial Performance Platform – it is the next step in the evolution of Performance Management. Tagetik 5 gives our customers the ability to do more, to do it faster, and to do it anywhere.

Following a different path – Rolling Forecasts in manufacturing

Recent economic conditions have elevated interest in rolling forecasts as means of coping with increasing uncertainty and volatility. Proponents believe that a faster and more forward looking process creates value by enabling manufacturers to more effectively respond to change and manage risk.