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The Consolidator Handbook

A Recipe for a Successful Consolidation Project from One of Tagetik’s Premier Customer Chefs

Integrated reporting (IR)? No, thanks I`ve got other priorities right now!

Let's think about this natural reaction some people may have when dealing with IR. There are two different barriers which prevent people from embracing IR: the hard barriers and the soft ones.

Gartner CPM Magic Quadrant User Survey. Tagetik Scores Big.

Last week Gartner published its annual user survey based on the results Gathered during the CPM Magic Quadrant customer surveys. The vendors on the Magic Quadrant were ranked by customer satisfaction scores of their customers surveyed.

Big Data for Finance, is it necessary?

I never believed in big data for Finance departments; as that type of volume of data came from building data warehouses for web analytics in the past. Financial Accounting and Management information for reporting & analysis is mostly at monthly or sometimes at weekly balances level. For budgeting & planning it is at product or product group and/or brand and/or FTE level (in some cases employee level) as the lowest level of detail.

How to Be All the CFO You Can Be (or Want to Be)

What it takes to be one, and why your company needs you to take on a bigger role: progressive thinker, tech innovator, and strategic partner