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Alessandro Mantini (Mediaset) takes an ironic view of the people involved in the consolidation process by comparing each of them to a famous song... Find out which track best represents you!

2016: The Year of Big Data in Context

A series of blog post on data-related trends and the impact they are having on the Office of Finance by Marco Pierallini. The underlying theme of all these posts will be the importance of timely access to meaningful information, in context and with confidence.

Collaboration – the cornerstone of integrated business planning

Collaboration in business planning is far more than the sum of the parts. The true value of collaboration comes from harvesting the different perspectives, ideas, experience and know-how of functional experts from across the business.

Big data for Finance, is it necessary? - Part II

There were interesting comments on the previous blog on this topic that provided some good food for thought on the topic.

The Budget Purgatory - Part II

Going forward in the journay, we will meet the souls that believed in a better way and suffered through the budget exercise but fell short of Paradise. Follow me...