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IBP has arrived: Is it time for manufacturers to replace their CPM systems?

Traditional CPM applications do not meet the changing needs of complex manufacturing organizations. Integrated Business Planning applications close the gap to integrate CPM with Sales and Operations Planning applications.

Tagetik Advances Disclosure Management for Office of Finance

Tagetik provides financial performance management software. One particularly useful aspect of its suite is the Collaborative Disclosure Management (CDM). CDM addresses an important need in finance departments, which routinely generate highly formatted documents that combine words and numbers.

A Strong Pulse

For the fourth year in a row, Tagetik scored among the highest in customer satisfaction, with near-perfect scores in twelve satisfaction categories including implementation, functionality, support, price value, and overall product quality.

Microsoft - Partnering for Success

This week, I had the pleasure of being in Washington D.C. for Microsoft’s 11th annual Worldwide Partner Conference. I was one of the approximately 20,000 other attendees to learn more about Microsoft’s vision around the cloud, big data, mobility, and other topics important to today’s enterprises.

Looking Deeper at Cloud Costs and Security

Ventana Research recently published a paper titled “Cloud Financial Performance Management: Ready for the Large Enterprise”. In it they found that 54% of companies with employees over 1000 users are already using the cloud, and that only 14% have no intention to use it. That’s an astonishing rate from just a few years ago.