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Collaborative Disclosure Management: one source of the truth

Learn how to improve financial reporting processes throughout a merged organization in a cost-effective and streamlined manner.

Immature Driver Models Undermine Rolling Forecasts in Manufacturing

Learn how rolling forecast and Driver-Based Planning models can deliver tangible business value in your organization.

CPM Dashboards – more than just a pretty face

Dashboards are more than a reporting tool. When used effectively, they can help you measure, monitor, and manage your business performance. Dashboards help you identify what you need to measure, make connections to current strategic objectives, and determine how well your business is delivering value against your objectives.

The rise of HTML Spreadsheets: Excel killers or perfect complements?

In last years Online Spreadsheets become very popular and two of the biggest players in IT industry, Microsoft (with Office 365) and Google (with Google Spreadsheets), are now successfully providing their own solution as SaaS. Onlime Sheets became collaborative and available anytime and anywhere. Financial applications are generally too complex to run properly on online applications. However, an embedded Spreadsheet, which is available on all platforms and all devices, is now a “must” for modern financial applications.

The Journey to Integrated Reporting

Integrated reporting builds on the existing financial reporting model to incorporate non-financial information that can help stakeholders (internal and external) understand how a company creates and sustains value over the long term. There is no single path to an integrated reporting implementation. However, there are stages in the journey that are common to most companies.