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The CFO Guide to Navigating the Cloud

Cloud is becoming main stream because it helps finance better serve the business. On-premise ERP systems are losing their attraction. Cloud subscriptions are going up due to speed, flexibility, and ability to reduce the upgrade lag and dependence on IT.

Spreadsheets aren’t the answer for Finance Analytics

Reading a research study from Ventana Research, we find the pervasive use of spreadsheets to perform functions they were never meant to do. Enterprise-wide processes that require gathering of data from multiple sources, and that need to be calculated and analyzed on multiple dimensions and shared across many users were not meant for the spreadsheet world.

Completing the Picture - The CFO’s ever changing, and increasing, reporting responsibility

Creating the capability to deliver the necessary reports and documents is posing more questions than answers in organisations around the world. More and more is being asked of the once humble but critical Office of Finance (OoF) and people and organisations must adapt in order to manage in the face of increasing demands to produce the goods.

Closer Look: SAP HANA and CPM - In-Memory Technology Enables Faster Allocations, Better Analysis

Marco recently posted a blog on why Finance should care about SAP HANA. I’m going to expand a little bit more on the why SAP HANA is so much faster, especially as it processes large amounts of data, as is often the case with allocations.

The “hidden” issues that derail some cloud CPM deployments

There has been a lot written about the benefits and concerns of moving financial systems to the cloud. In the recent eBook “Leveraging Cloud and Mobile” from, there were two issues highlighted that are very insightful, and not often spoken about...

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