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Trash-In Trash-Out

Unlike Mr. Gignac, who has been capable of assembling trash in a fascinating way, by putting it into a cube gives a consistent vision to an apparently chaotic set, financial data (as well as many other things in our ordinary life) work in a completely different way.

Imperial UK Implementation – Day 1

Started off the session with a recap of the deep dive. We moved on into a continuation of our discussions around dimensions.

Imperial UK Implementation – Day 0

Imperial UK took the decision towards the end of 2014 to find a partner that would enable the business to be able to cover off the group reporting, budgeting and forecasting cycles. By June 2015 Tagetik emerged as the most suitable provider, having beaten off the competition.

Blog part 3: I use my GL/ERP for Consolidation today – why change?

I must admit that this question is the most intriguing one for me. In order to answer this question honestly and with the utmost intregity (remember that I am in the Corporate Performance Management (CPM) software space) I would have to qualify my answer (like any true accountant would) and say “It depends”.

Blog Part 2: Why pick/change Consolidation solution now?

Read this post to discover what are the areas of concern with existing stand-alone consolidation solutions.