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How can CFOs get all of the finance function on the ‘same page’?

It is fascinating to note how often the corporate reporting process stumbles at the last hurdle. Despite the considerable effort expended on managing data quality, improving collaboration and honing the financial consolidation process many of the hard won efficiency gains are frittered away because historic approaches to the process ignore the vital last step of final report creation.

Get the most out of the balance sheet

Corporations are managed predominantly on the basis of the income statement. This claim is supported by the fact that target setting for budgets and forecasts is generally done on operating profit (or EBIT or EBITDA, if you like). It is in addition common practice to internally present the balance sheet according external reporting standards such as IFRS. This is not the most intuitive reporting layout; especially not for non-financial colleagues.

3 facts you should know about Cloud Financial Solutions

Cloud solutions are pervasive throughout our personal and work lives.Yet adoption of financial systems on the cloud have lagged behind other corporate systems such as for HRM or CRM. That, however seems to be changing, and changing rapidly.

Only 10% of companies are prepared for non-financial reporting directives. Are you?

Despite the mounting volume of financial information published by companies in their Annual Reports and Accounts, there is a growing recognition that financial disclosures on their own do not tell the full story about an organization’s health or its prospects for growth and success.

Gartner Magic Quadrant for Corporate Performance Management Suites, what does it tell you?

Many think that March Madness is about the NCAA Basketball tournament, but we think that for software vendors in the CPM space March madness is the annual publication of the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Corporate Performance Management Suites